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Nick Young Crossing Up His Kid And Stepping Over Him Like Allen Iverson Is The Top-1 Reason To Be A Dad

No mercy kid. Learn how to D up and not fall over like a dummy. Plain and simple this is the top-1 reason to be a dad, especially to a son. Every single one of us has crossed our son over or dunked on them while playing with their 4-foot little tykes hoop. It's the best feeling in the world just embarrassing your offspring as they sit there helpless. Look at tweets from Podfathers, Big Cat, Coley, Clem, myself, Chaps, KFC, Brandon, Willie, Large and all the other dads here. Embarrassing your kids is the best. 

I'll admit something here though. That's a big time shot by Nick Young. Those little hoops and little Nerf balls are not the easiest to shoot with. He drilled it and making me think a team should bring him to bubble life. He's only 35, get him in there and let him gun. I don't even care if it's the real bubble, send him to Chicago with the loser teams. Clearly he's still got it draining that shot, but the stepover needs work. 

Either way, this is why you should have a kid. Sure, the love and all that shit is important. But if you have a son, you need to start crossing him up at a young age. Teach him how to play some defense and quit embarrassing himself. Pathetic defense kid.