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Thanks For Coming Out, Joshua Waller: LSU Moves to 3-0 In Coach Duggs' Return to Wisconsin

The first Duggleheader for the 2020 LSU Tigers campaign was a success all around. A burger to open things up, and a meaningful dub on the back end to move Gus Duggerton and company to 3-0. Here is how it all went down.

Game 1 - LSU 50, Navy 14

The Z's were in the chat for this one by the time the clock struck zeroes across the board. After Navy executed the triple option perfectly on the opening drive, Duggs and company rebounded quickly to bring his first 50 burger to LSU.

Game 2 - LSU 31, Wisconsin 24 

This game had no shortage of storylines. Duggs returns to his alma mater, the anger built up at Wisconsin's head coach, a chance at a quality road win, and many more...

Coach Duggs seemed to be a bit starstruck by being back on the sidelines at Camp Randall at first. Wisconsin WR George Gilbert made his presence known early.

LSU would then tie things up as the game went along, and then with under three minutes left in the game, backup RB Cam Bone gave the Tigers their biggest touchdown of the season so far.

Wisconsin would then have one last shot to even the score back up, but the Duggs D showed up when it mattered most. Just like that, Duggs is 3-0.

Also, a bit of breaking news out of Baton Rouge this evening. If Coach Duggs manages to earn his third straight BCS Title, he's hanging up the headset. Call it a career if LSU wins it all.

The 2020 campaign continues Wednesday from HQ (time TBD), as the Tigers take on Texas A&M. We'll see you then.