How Many Different Starting Quarterbacks Will Play For The Bears By The Time The Mahomes Deal Expires

It is still IMPOSSIBLE to read about Mahomes and not think of Mitch. I hope the Bears ditch the RPO, Mitch takes steps, and his hard work actually pays off. Having said that. There's substantial evidence to suggest that I am more likely to get struck by lightning on my way home from winning the lottery than to have that happen. So the question becomes, how bad will things be for the Bears in their search for a QB1 in the next 10 years? History suggests...pretty fucking bad. 

Here is the list of QBs to play in the last 10 years

Mitchell Trubisky

Chase Daniel

Mike Glennon

Jay Cutler

Jimmy Clausen

Caleb Hanie

Josh McCown

Todd Collins

Jason Campbell. 

That is NINE quarterbacks that happened to coincide with the era that featured the Bears best quarterback in the Super Bowl era. The 10 years that proceeded that was even worse, somehow. So while poll results so far are overwhelmingly in the 3-5 range that to me is ABSURD because the Bears are DEFINITELY going to have two starters this year with Foles in the mix. Then they'll probably have to fire Pace and Nagy after this year because they missed on Mitch which will lead to a new regime who will go out and draft "their guy" at quarterback. So now, if that next Bears quarterback gets drafted, plays right away, is awesome, and never gets hurt then the lowest number possible is three. That just seems unfathomable given everything we know about the Bears and how they operate. Even in the mid to late 1980s when the Bears were in their golden era they still had to play games with Mike Tomczak and Steve Fuller. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Fucking Pace.