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There Is No Way This LeBron/Mike Tyson Tweet Isn't A Troll Job

Twitter is a weird place. Most of the time it's terrible and only bad comes from it, but there are times when the internet comes through and makes us laugh. I couldn't imagine life without it and frankly the fact that it's still free makes no damn sense to me. Especially when it blesses us with a tweet like that. I don't know the total amount of tweets there have been since 2009, trillions I'm sure, but that one right there might be the most ridiculous fucking thing I have ever witnessed while scrolling. 

I get that LeBron stans are a different breed, but what are we doing here? Donovan Mitchell summed it up perfectly

This is not to say LeBron isn't a beast of a human. Everyone with eyes knows he's a fucking monster. But you know who is an even bigger monster? PRIME MIKE TYSON.

That man was a goddamn psycho. I don't care that in his prime Tyson was 5'11 and 218lb and LeBron is 6'8 and 250lb*. There is nothing that remotely suggests LeBron could handle any of this

How can anyone watch that video and think this dude

would stand a chance. This isn't me being a LeBron hater or anything like that either. You just can't disrespect Prime Mike Tyson like that. You can think LeBron is "built different", but he's not built like Tyson. Period. Physically, mentally, all of it. 

As it so often does, once the internet got hold of this take, Twitter did its thing and some of the responses didn't disappoint

Here's the only thing I can think of as to the thought process behind this tweet which I am praying is true. This guy isn't really a LeBron stan, he's just trolling LeBron fans because this is 100000% something they would say. I'm willing to give him then benefit of the doubt there. If this was all just a troll job then it's A+. If it was a serious tweet well then I don't even know what to say. There's no way anyone thinking logically can honestly believe this so I'm rolling with troll job. 

But seriously, you know there are LeBron fans out there that RT'd that tweet and nodded their heads in agreement. They are that strange.