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If We're Being Totally Honest, Boosie BadAzz's Milk-To-Cereal Ratio Is Way Off

I saw this tweet pop up on my TL and as a bit of a cereal killer myself, I couldn't just let this go. Because a bowl of cereal should be a carefully orchestrated ecosystem. Each piece plays its part to lift up the others. Too much of one thing and you throw the entire system off. And for Boosie BadAzz, this man adds an amount of milk to his bowl which is both reckless and chaotic. 

Now I'm willing to look past adding the chopped up pastry and all that extra sugar to the mix. Is Mr. BadAzz concocting a bowl of diabetes? Of course he is. But each artist uses their own brush to create a masterpiece, and donuts and sugar are Boosie's. Typically I'd opt for some fresh fruit but that's just me. But I cannot allow the amount of milk he tops it all off with to slide. It is much too serious of a violation. 


The thing about adding that amount of milk is you have now given yourself and impossible window to consume that cereal before the majority of it turns into mush. I'm all for having a little bit of soggy cereal in there to offer a contrast in texture to the cereal which is still dry. But you want maybe 10% soggy cereal maximum. Each bite should be heavy on dry. So to achieve that perfect ratio, you need to fill the bowl just to the point where you can see a little of the milk starting to show its way through the cereal. As soon as the milk breaches just an ounce, that's when you call it off. Usually that ends up being a little less than half of the bowl. But Boosie BadAzz over here damn near filled the entire bowl. Within 3 bites, he's working with like 80% soggy cereal. Wayyyyyyy over the appropriate limit. 

And that's not even to mention that he's still using some cow milk. Buddy,,,,it's 2020. Get with the times here. Toss a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk in there and it'll rock your world. No free ads or anything but I could crush a half gallon of Almond Breeze in one sitting. ESPECIALLY if we're talking about Almond Breeze banana almond milk. That shit is fire. Get with it.