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I Guarantee You Cannot Watch This K-9 Get His Last Pets After Being Diagnosed With Cancer and Not Bawl

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Welp, that's a great way to induce a bit of sobbing. Officers from across Missouri came to bid a final farewell to Cuba, a K-9 in the Missouri State Highway Patrol who had been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

TMZ — The solemn sendoff for good boy Cuba happened recently in Springfield, MO ... with officers and friends from across Missouri joining state troopers in patting Cuba's head one last time before the K-9's partner, Trooper Zeller, took him on his final walk.

"Cuba spent his lifetime in service to Missouri, and he will be missed," the Missouri State Highway patrol said.

Cuba was the very best of boys and I hope he is fighting whatever manufactured crime they can give him in dog Heaven. We do not deserve dogs.