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Bet You've Never Busted A Nut Like This Dude Before

Got DAYUM. Buddy's finger over here is harnessing the power of Thor's hammer. Word to the wise--do not leave your girl unattended around this nut cracker unless you're looking to spend the next few months eating alone at Applebee's every night. 

As a sidenote, I would have loved to be in the room when this dude first found out he could smash a walnut using only his middle finger. Do we think he's just a huge walnut guy and one day he was in a pickle because he lost his nut cracker and needed to try this out of necessity? Or do we think he was just chilling with the boys one day and they were all trying to figure out what the hardest object he could smash with his finger was? You know, as guys typically do.

Either way, he's still got a little ways to go before he can truly be crowned the Finger King. That throne is still very much occupied.