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WATCH: MLB Releases Awesome Mini-Doc on Pipeline From Curaçao to the Big Leagues

This was a really cool look into how the minuscule island of Curaçao has become a hotbed of Major League talent. When you see how small Curaçao really is, the fact that the island had six active Big Leaguers in 2019 is remarkable just in terms of the mathematics — and that's before you even look at who those players were.

Last season, Ozzie Albies, Andrelton Simmons, Kenley Jansen, Didi Gregorious, Jonathan Schoop and Jurickson Profar all represented Curaçao on a Major League field. And that's from an island roughly half the size of New York City and home to only about 150,000 people.

I always heard about Curaçao growing up watching Braves games because of Andruw Jones and in the decade or so since he retired, the country has obviously become a baseball goldmine. Shoutout to whatever scouts the Atlanta Braves have had down there, because Jones, Simmons and Albies is an unbelievable trio for one team to sign out of the 15 all-time Major Leaguers to come from the island.

I really enjoyed the explanation of the fields those guys play on and how that has led to the level of defense many of those guys play. Simmons has been the best defensive shortstop — and for a while, player — in MLB since he came into the league in 2012 and Albies has made a case in his short career to be one of the best defensive middle infielders around, as well. And that Andruw Jones guy only won 10 consecutive Gold Gloves.

Curaçao should already have one player in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but with the way baseball has exploded there, I think it will get a few guys in there in the next couple decades.