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Britney Spears Is Living In A Prison Where She Can't Make Her Own Decisions #FREEBRITNEY

The #FREEBRITNEY movement finally reached the mainstream world this weekend, and its embarrassing it took this long to happen. Since 2008...2008!!!...Britney Spears has not been in control of her own life. Shes been living under a "conservatorship" which is usually the sort of arrangement you make for people who are mental vegetables or disabled to a crippling degree. Her father, manager, and medical team have been making ever decision for her for OVER A DECADE. Its fucking insanity. Britney Spears can decide when she leaves the house. She cant decide where she spends her money. She cant hire her own lawyers. She literally cannot do anything without other people signing off on it. Its like shes Cinderella living in the attic with her Stepmother controlling her life. 

Thats the most deranged and heartbreaking shit Ive ever heard. In the time shes been living inside her father's prison, she's dropped an album, did a multi-year residency in Las Vegas, and went on a world tour that grossed over 130 million dollars. Imagine making 130 million doll hairs and having it all go to you bitch ass father who's feeding you medication to help keep you under lock and key? Its criminal. Its tragic. When you go back and listen to some of her music, specifically like when she covered My Prerogative, shit sounds a whole lot different now.


This movement has come to the forefront after a cryptic series of videos with Britney potentially signaling for help. Britney posted one of her weird ass videos, and one of her fans commented "Wear yellow in your next video if you need help." Next video, Britney wears yellow:

Sure, could just be coincidence, but then you look at the caption. Her original caption made no mention of the shirt, and then she edited to awkwardly point out her yellow shirt:

Its a bit conspiracy theory-ish, but that certainly seems suspect. Also, calling out this during a video about her flowers, when it was famously noted that Britney once asked a hotel to send flowers to her hotel room and was denied because it wasnt "within her budget" her father had allowed. Its enough for me, folks. I think this is a cryptic cry for help, and everyone in the #FREEBRITNEY movement does too.

Now, I know that might seem a bit hypocritical. I know we've all made fun of Britney for a lot of her antics. From the umbrella incident with a shaved head in 2007 right before this bullshit started

Giphy Images.


 up until 2020 when we all made fun of how she burned down her own gym:

We have all been guilty about making fun of a girl who has no doubt been exploited since she was born. But thats because I thought it was good old fashioned making-fun-of-rich-people-who-are-a-little-bit-crazy. I didnt think that a team of vultures were going to use those incidents to lock this girl in a prison of her own success. I mean what celebrity doesnt go a little crazy? Amanda Bynes is still free to walk the streets. Mariah Carey has full control of all her assets. Lindsay Lohan doesnt have to ask her mom for shit. Matter of fact, Lindsay openly calls out her parents and everyone acknowledges that Dina Lohan is fucking crazy…why not with that manipulative scumbag Jamie Spears??? Thinking about it logically, OF COURSE Britney has some psychological issues. She was FAMOUS famous since she was 15. In the business since like 6, but by the time she was of age to be having her first kiss, she was a MEGA STAR. When you need body doubles and 24/7 security and shit like that, you have no chance of being normal.

So, ya, a young girl was tasked with handling the weight of the world and had a few hiccups along the way. Does that mean a now 38 year old woman who was capable enough to coordinate a world tour, perform on stage, dance and sing dance some more, that ends up being one of the highest grossing musical endeavors ever…cant make her own decisions??? SHE has to ask OTHER PEOPLE where and when she can spend that money? FUCK THAT. I dont care if Britney is fully batshit (which I admit, theres like a 40% chance these people are maybe right and Britney needs restrictions) I still think if you're able to work - put out an album and perform shows - thats your money to spend as you see fit. Every single celebrity ever…legitimately ALL OF THEM…have made bad decisions with their money and fame. Drugs, sex, violence, whatever. Shattered families…legal run ins…joining cults…all of it. Thats like, the whole goddam point of becoming rich and famous. I say let Britney live. Hell, let Britney die. Because being a grown ass, highly functioning adult who cant make your own decisions isnt a life at all. I genuinely think this attention is actually gonna work and Britney will soon be free. Because being a little bit crazy isnt enough of a reason to have all your freedom taken away.

PS - being a lotta bit crazy is, however. And if it turns out Britney is truly off her rocker and a danger to herself and others (which seems borderline impossible given the fact that she successfully pulls off residencies and tours, but I'm just saying theres a chance) then I take this whole blog back.

PPS - Burning down that gym a couple weeks ago is probably threw a real big wrench into the emancipation plans. I bet Britney wishes she could have that one back.