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Harvard Will Not Hold In-Person Classes This Fall

Annndddd the dominoes are starting to fall! 

Unclear why Harvard will still allow 40% of students on campus? That seems like an issue in a coronavirus world, no? Maybe it's students that need to be there (bad home situation, need to access labs for study), but having almost half of your school still on campus is a recipe for an outbreak. 

This most likely means the Ivy League will be moving their football season to the spring, if they have a football season at all. I mentioned this in my blog about NESCAC's Bowdoin canceling their season, but this reminds me a lot of what happened in March. The first league to make a decision on cancelling their tournament was the Ivy League. The major sentiment was that they made a mistake, but that was due to us not knowing the true extent of COVID-19 at the time. The Ivy League was early and right. I'm no fan of elitism and giving the Ivy's too much credit, but is this another indicator of what is to come? We'll see. 


P.s. Also of note: