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Denzel Mims On His Eagles Pre-Draft Interview: “I Didn’t Like That Dirty Ass, Trash Ass City”

If there's one thing I know about Denzel Mims, it's that he hates the city of Philadelphia. I'm not sure where the Baylor product, who grew up in Texas, deep-seated dislike of the city comes from, but it's very apparent. He is also scared of the city too. He stated this back in April:

Now, he's calling it a dirty ass, trash ass city. Philly is certainly a wake-up call from living in Waco, Texas. Complete 180 in weather, atmosphere, and general city dweller attitude.

You'd think that Mims ended up in a city like San Diego or Green Bay. Mims was actually drafted by the Jets. I Most Jets players live in New Jersey, but have fun in NYC, Denzel. Be careful where you step, there is trash on every street sidewalk. Most of the city smells too.