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Rasir Bolton Said Pat Chambers Making A Noose Comment To Him And PSU Forcing Bolton To See A Psychologist Instead Of Apologizing Made Him Transfer

I know most people might not know the name Rasir Bolton, but that's not the most important thing here. Bolton was a 3-star recruit who Penn State landed and was good right off the bat. He averaged 11 per game as a freshman while playing 27 minutes per game off the bench. His decision to transfer was a bit confusing at the time. No one could really figure out exactly why he was going to Iowa State after the success he had as a freshman at Penn State. 

And now the reason is out and good God is it a horrible look for both Pat Chambers and Penn State. The fact that Chambers never apologized and said 'he was from the north and wasn't aware' is horrendous. Sure, you can say that but you have to apologize. You have to make an effort to seem like you care about these kids. What you absolutely can't do is try to turn the team against that player as it's alleged here. You for sure can't say he can't be trusted or he's not loyal because he's standing up for something. 

And then there's the Penn State athletics department. Can we be shocked they mishandled something so bad? You have a kid text a psychologist to learn how to deal with Chambers? Uhh, that's not how it works. Remember, Chambers admitted to saying this stuff. It wasn't a voice vs voice thing here. It was a problem, admitted by a coach and never fixed. They isolated a kid and he was forced to transfer due to feelings. 

If you're wondering why Bolton is speaking up now - it's because Pat Chambers was a panelist on the NABC committee to help battle racism. Obviously Bolton sees some hypocrisy there and rightfully brought up this story. I know people will complain about Bolton and how he addressed the situation and why he waited, but he's speaking up. I'll never fault a person for that at all. And now - as I write this blog - we have a former captain of Penn State's team defending Bolton too: 

Bolton was able to get a waiver to play at Iowa State right away and averaged about 15 per game this past season.