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Sean Doolittle Saying "Sports are the reward of a functioning society" Is Very Spot On



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First things first, this is not a political blog. So leave your arguments at the door. People LOVE making every little thing political. It's nuts. I mean this is the same country that thinks a color of a Starbucks cup can somehow destroy the sanctity of Christmas. We live in the dumbest of times. Which is how we got to a point where stopping the spread of a pandemic became political. Wearing a mask at a grocery store became liberal vs conservative. There's no room for common sense anymore, you just have to fight and yell and call people libtards if you disagree with them. Drives me nuts that people can't just think rationally. 

And the thing is, we all want sports back. REALLY BADLY. But people would rather prove some non-existent point about wearing masks violating their rights than actually take the tiniest step needed to get rid of this virus and get back to normalcy. We did a great job in NYC with it. Kicked its ass. But then there were states like Florida and Arizona where it became political and the dumbass governors would rather win Main Points than save lives and that's why we find ourselves in this current situation.

So that's why I love Doolittle's quote. "Sports are the reward of a functioning society" is so spot on. If we could all use a little empathy and think about each other for 3 seconds and work together as a country and rid ourselves of Covid, we could have sports. If we keep acting the way we're acting and seeing spikes left and right in cases and positive %, we won't get sports back. It's that simple. 

So it's up to us. Up to society. Will there be football this fall/winter? Will we be back in stadiums/arenas any time soon? If we take the proper steps, yes. If we keep going this way though...see ya in 2024.


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