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Tom Izzo Doesn't Want Kids To Have The Ability To Transfer Without Sitting Out Because He's Worried About 'Culture', Or Some Other Rambling Bullshit

[Source] - "I think it says a lot about the culture that we maybe developed way back and ... just the different guys in the whole 20 years since we won it," Izzo said Friday on The Jim Rome Show. "I think culture is something that scares me with the new transfer rules, if they go through, and the way that kids are just bolting. It's hard to develop a culture and I think I've got a pretty good culture.

Hold on a second. Tom Izzo, just want to double check something real quick. This is the same Tom Izzo, right? 

Oh, right. Yep. The same Tom Izzo that quit an NCAA group because - wait for it - Joey Hauser wasn't allowed to play without having to sit out. That's the same Tom Izzo rambling on some bullshit that he's worried about culture when it comes to guys transferring. Just shut the fuck up and say what it really is. You don't want your guys to leave and/or you want to keep guys in the program as long as you possibly can. 

Again, I personally don't care about a player transferring without having to sit out. It happens in other sports, it happens with regular students, why do we do this for hoops (and football)? There are numerous reasons for a player to transfer - everything from lack of playing time, not liking the campus, being lied to be the coaching staff, etc. Who cares? Let them transfer once. I don't feel bad for a coach that has to try to keep a kid on his team or has to adapt to a new guy without sitting out. That's literally what you get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do. Just do your job. 

And if you're going to bitch and moan about culture, don't pick and choose when it works for you. Don't say you refuse to live in this world when you literally quit something because you were complaining about Joey Hauser.