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Wake Up With Vlad Guerrero Showing Off The Cannon Attached To His Shoulder

It's actually laugh out loud funny how good this throw is. The runner at third probably thought he was scoring standing up. Fast forward 3 seconds and he's out by 5 feet because of an absolute gun from Vladamir Guerrero. Vlad couldn't have placed this ball in the catchers hand any better, and again, he beat the runner by like 5 feet. Doesn't help that the runner like tippy toed around third and then tried to go full speed, but it still would have taken an insane throw from right field to get the runner, and Vlad nailed it. Vlad was basically known for 2 things, being able to hit a ball no matter where it was thrown, and having an absolute rocket launcher attached to his shoulder. Rumor has it that we're getting another Vlad card in MLB The Show this week too, and you can bet your ass he's going to have 99 arm strength. Just watch this clip a few times over, you'll get why.