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Masahiro Tanaka Took a 112 MPH Giancarlo Stanton Line Drive Off His Skull Yesterday And Was Walking Around Today Like Nothing Happened

Yesterday the Yankees held their first formal team workout since coronavirus stopped baseball back in March. As you might have seen, Tanaka took a Giancarlo Stanton come backer to the head during live AB session. It was absolutely horrifying as Tanaka stayed motionless on the ground for several minutes. The ball was hit so hard it ricocheted to the backstop netting behind the plate.  

The official exit velocity on that Stanton liner? 112 mph. I mean HOLY SHIT! Tanaka was able to get to his feet and walked off with minimal help from the training staff. It was later announced he was moving around under his own power and was responsive. At the hospital his CT scan came back negative and his concussion symptoms miraculously dissipated. 112 miles an hour at your skull and the end result was a mild concussion where 24 hours later he's symptom free? I have no issue calling that a minor miracle. Minor might be understating it. This happens to me and I'm dead. 

Let Masahiro Tanaka be the example for baseball players being tough. I know they get a knock for the lack of contact in their sport, but you take 112 off the skull and show up the next day then you deserve all the respect in the world. This man is a warrior. Tanaka forever. Never leave the Yankees. Ever. Even if there's a fire. 

P.S. The Yankees are having intrasquad games televised on the YES Network starting tomorrow and I am absolutely horrified. Please don't get hurt. PLEASE. I can't take any more bad news.