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Wild Twitter Thread Claims English Soccer Club Are Victims Of Potential Massive Gambling Scandal

You've probably never heard of Wigan Athletic. I don't blame you. Outside of a run from 2005-2013, Wigan hasn't been in the Premier League. Since they were relegated in 2013, Wigan has bounced between the Championship (England's 2nd league) and the 1st League (England's 3rd league). 

That doesn't make this thread any less wild. It's a lot to consume, so stay with me. 


Alright, so a random fund took over Wigan in June. That fund is located in the Cayman Island's (sketchy) and it's main investor was the main owner of Wigan. The fund was able to purchase the team thanks to a loan. 

So IEC, which owned by Choi, loaned NLF, which main investor is Choi, money to buy the team. Kinda weird? 


Jesus, how big of a bet must this be to make the purchase of the club worth it?!? You know how hard it is to get down a multi-million dollar bet in the United States? Maybe it's different in the Philippines. 

My understanding of Administration is that the league now controls the club. Similar to how the NBA used to own the Pelicans. 


What a phenomenally done thread. This shit goes deep. The connections are everywhere. As they say...FOLLOW THE MONEY! You'll get your answers. 

This Darren Royle fella seems sketchy!!!!

Two things. First, Wigan has been playing very well since the restart after COVID. They won their first 3 games. This would not be good for the alleged relegation bet that was placed in the Philippines. Two, it appears there is evidence to suggest that Au Yeung Wai Kay, the 7-day owner of Wigan, doesn't even exist!!!


I gotta say, having somebody live at the games giving you info when to bet is something I've always thought about. That stopped once Barstool was taken over by PENN, of course, because it would be illegal to do such a thing. Before PENN was involved? Yeah, it seemed like a great plan. 

This is true. Wigan has been a club since 1932! They've had success (in Premier League for 8 seasons). 

Wow....is the EFL involved too?


The world of soccer is riddled with scandals like this. In 2013, the head of Euopel, the European Union's law enforcement agency, reported 700 international soccer matches had been fixed since 2008, including World Cup qualifying and exhibition matches, with a Chinese criminal syndicate pulling the strings. 700 games!!

If anything deserves a documentary, this does.