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Ever Wonder What It Looks Like When A Silverback Gorilla Comes Sprinting At You? Wonder No More



Happy Friday!  I just did you a favor.  Got your juices flowing for the weekend.  The adrenaline from a silverback gorilla charging towards you should give you an energy rush that lasts about through Sunday night.  Hey little girl, don’t pound on the glass idiot.  Pretty sure there’s signs every 5 feet at every zoo that say that.  Now she knows why.  Because the giant gorillas don’t like when people pound on the glass.  Hell, the gorillas probably don’t like being caged up and used for people’s amusement.  They wanna be out in the wild doing Gorilla things.  Fucking gorilla chicks and going to gorilla parties.  Instead they sit in captivity all day long while stupid little kids press their wet noses up against the glass to get a better look.  Pounding on the glass only reminds them that they’re currently trapped.  I liked how quickly the family peaced out once the gorilla hit the glass.  Just like, “Annnnnd that’s the zoo, kids.  Let’s go home because daddy needs a change of underwear.”



h/t tim