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An English Soccer Team Is Using Naked Mannequins And Blow Up Dolls As Fans For The Playoffs

And that's how it's done. Oh you have a playoff game and need a win? Fuck the cardboard cutout fans. You can't just have pumped in sound. You have to go with naked mannequins and blow up dolls. That's how you succeed here. You want to make the finals? Well, you only get there with winning leg 1 and that's where naked mannequins come into play. 

Will it work? We'll find out today, but I'm banking on yes. How is Wycombe supposed to come ready when there's naked mannequins all around? Honestly, I wish they kept it under wraps. You gotta come with a surprise attack here if you're Fleetwood Town. I love how they aren't even hiding it too. Nope we're using blow up dolls. Slightly different than the last time we had this sort of story: 

There will be no apologies. There will be no fines. There will only be compliments for Fleetwood Town. I actually love the way League One is set up too. League One is the third highest division of English soccer (confusing based on the name, I know). Every year three teams get promoted to Championship (the second highest level, again confusing) - the top two teams from the regular season automatically get the promotion. But then there's a playoff for the third invite. You get two semis where they play a home and away game, then a one-game final. It at least gives us a playoff feel in a sport where there typically isn't. 

Last game of the year, can't hold anything back.