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WWF Fridays: The Best Of Too Cool

Every week for the last few months, I have been blogging about different all-time moments, moves, characters, and divas from the WWF Attitude Era. An absolute stacked roster featuring some of the most legendary names to every appear in the industry. 

But despite all the greatness, craziness, and sexiness that that WWF put out back in the day, the moment I realized that we were living in the most iconic age of the sport(s entertainment) was when Too Cool caught on. The way the crowd exploded for some over-the-top corny white boys dancing, doing The Worm, and a fat guy rubbing his ass in people's faces was the ultimate heat check for Vinnie Mac that still makes me smile until this day. You can make a case the gratuitous violence and sex of the Attitude Era were the perfect indicators of their time during late 90s/early 2000s. But everyone enjoying some absolute ludicrous content while an absolute banger of a song played in the background may be my favorite way to remember those days.

RIP Brian Christopher