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'Boxing Out Cows And All That Bro' - Steven Adams, Explaining How He Worked Out While Quarantined In New Zealand

Yep, this checks out completely. You know some guys will say something like this and it's a good joke. Everyone has that hearty laugh. Nope, not Steven Adams. He's 100% serious and I don't doubt it one bit. I'm starting to think going to New Zealand with Steven Adams is a bucket list item for me. The dude has to be a legend there. He has like 400 siblings and they are all like 6'10". Remember the last story of what he did in New Zealand? 

Telling me I get to go watch a guy box out cows and have a pint of Guinness ready? Sign me the fuck up. Plus who is going to say anything to me? I'm walking around with Steven Adams. Pretty sure that's a No. 1 overall seed for a guy you want to have in your crew. 

Good luck trying to get rebounds over Steven Adams now. Boxing out cows like Tommy Boy:

Also love how casually he drops 'yeah I played some pick up games too. No big deal.' Need to know what sort of runs he's getting in over in New Zealand. I just need to hang out with Steven Adams. He's quickly reaching a top pick for guy to drink with.