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Wake Up With Lemme Freak


And Lil Dicky week ends with probably my favorite song of his. The entire part about not understanding his girlfriend's work dynamics is the most relatable part of any song I've ever heard:

Bad mood, her boss being mean to her
Via email, she wanna write back
I'm like, "Right now?"
She like, "Yeah, what do I say, can you just help me?"
"Oh, okay, what's the context?"
Then she like, "Well, he talks to Jane before coming to me"
"Who's Jane again?" I said, she like, "Wow, you should know that..."
"Okay, I guess I forgot," she like, "Dude, that's my other boss"
"Okay, true, so shouldn't your first boss
Go to the other boss, before you? Right?"
"But Jane isn't hands-on!" she yelled
"Okay, well I just don't understand the dynamic then
I don't work with these people," she started crying


It's my favorite thing he does, tells little relatable stories inside of songs. Happy July 3rd and have a good Friday.