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Wake Up With Some Insane Home Run Robbing Catches

Inject these home run robberies straight into my veins. Some absolute fantastic plays here featuring some of the best outfielders in baseball. Mike Trout makes a handful of appearances, my personal favorite the Adam Jones catch of Manny Machado's bomb in the World Baseball Classic, Kevin Pillar makes some insane grabs here too, he's one of the more underrated guys patrolling the outfield.  Jackie Bradley is there taking a walk off homer away from Trey Mancini which may have been the second best catch of the year, Mookie of course is there, again it's all the guys you would expect. These robberies are so damn tough, you gotta time it absolutely perfect, if you're off by a half second it's a bomb. Super athletic plays here by some absolute stud outfielders.

Enjoy your long weekend, friends.