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We're Actually About To Get The 'Delete Eight' aka NBA NIT At A Second Bubble In Chicago And It's Awesome

I know the biggest concern is health, again, that shouldn't have to be said, but let's be clear here. That's the number one concern. That said? I'm all the way in on this idea. You're telling me we get more games, more hoops after no sports for months? Where is the downside there? I said it before earlier this week: 


Here's what I said they should do: But set this up like an AAU Tournament. Put four teams in two different pools. Play pool play and then seed them so Pool A Seed 1 plays Pool B Seed 4 and down the line. Give us a few more days of sports. No one will complain, I promise. No one will care if we're watching all rookies and G League guys. Honestly, this would be great for all the players involved - assuming they want to play. Get a little more run, get a chance to show out in front of coaching staffs and front offices. 

Let the G League guys and young guys who don't get much burn get extra run. Where's the problem there? It'd be hilarious if Steph Curry showed up to play for the Warriors, but I'd watch these guys play. I don't care at this point. Just give us hoops. Why not? Again outside of health (just being clear here) I'm not going to say no to any extra hoops. I don't care if it's an NBA NIT. Put it on during the day when there are no real games going on in Orlando. Just give the hoops all day to make up for the last few months. 

Also if the Knicks win this I want a banner. Let's get a mid-tier free agent because of that. Or get real weird with it and have the team that wins this the most ping pong balls. Shit, give them the No. 1 overall pick. This is the time to get weird with stuff so why not? I obviously get they won't get rid of the lottery, so fix the weighted odds based on results and encourage teams to win.