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We Have Further Photographic Proof That Saquon Barkley Is A Freak Of Nature From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

So I saw this video the other day and kept scrolling not thinking much of it. Yeah I'm sure it's impressive to those in the workout game. But as a guy who only does crunches with Nestle on the label, I didn't know what exactly I was looking at or what those exercises even did.

Then I saw the finished product of all that work.


Giphy Images.

Congratulations to Saquon on the announcement of his 2nd child, with this one being the first to not only be birthed by a man but carried in a hamstring. Holy shit. I know everybody has talked about since Saquon got drafted is his position. But I maintain a dude like that doesn't have a position. How can you have a position if you aren't even a known species of this planet? You didn't see the MonStars lining up based on if they were the Point Guard or the Center. They just were there to cause pain, which ironically was the only thing that could stop Saquon last season. Dude still put up 1400+ yards and 8 TDs playing through a high ankle sprain most of the season. Saquon clearly saw this one weakness and decided to work out until his legs became stronger than the adamantium in Wolverine's claws, which by the way weren't all that scrawny to begin with.

Add an actual NFL-quality offensive line, a quarterback that was solid as a rooking getting the inevitable 2nd year bump, and an offensive coordinator with a brain to Saquon's expectant hammies and, in the words of Doc Brown, "You're gonna see some serious shit".