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Jaylen Brown's Stories Of Kevin Garnett Sending Motivational Voice Memos To The Team Is Perfection

Well that was certainly an enjoyable 25 minutes. I pretty much would listen to Jaylen tell any story, but you start talking about how KG was sending the team voice memos (?????) that were laced with classic KG intensity and cursing and I'm not sure how much more my heart can take. Do you know how terrifying it must be to get a message from KG telling you to straighten the fuck up and fix your body language as a rookie? I feel infinitely better knowing that KG is always watching this team and is ready to call out anyone who isn't going about things the right way (where was KG last year though smh). To then also hear how he reached out after Isaiah's sister tragically passed and they were down 0-2 to the Bulls and that played a role in their comeback, I mean how could you not love that.

As Celtics fans we always say that if you win at the highest level with this franchise, it's different. You become a legend unlike anything you could ever imagine. Find me another fanbase that still talks about and pumps up a championship and the players from over a decade ago. You can't. The best part though is how much KG is still invested in this franchise. Remember this from last season?

my goosebumps have goosebumps. I've always said that Kevin Garnett coming to this team changed my life forever and I stand by that. But I was mostly talking about that 2008 title. Now that we're hearing these type of stories of how he's involved in the molding of our young franchise cornerstones my love for him is going even bigger. 

One of the greatest Celtics we've ever been blessed to see play for this franchise, there truly will never be another Kevin Garnett