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NBA 2K21 Is Releasing Two Different 'Mamba Forever' Editions With Kobe On The Cover

Absolutely not a surprise here. NBA 2K21 released Dame as the 'Current Gen' cover, Zion as the 'future Gen' cover and now we have the forever edition. It had to be Kobe and rightfully so. The only difference I may have added is putting Gigi somewhere on the cover with him. That said, the paintings are perfect for each one. You had to use the Mamba Out photo for 24 and 8 with him dunking. That's what I picture when I think of both of those versions of Kobe in a weird way.

But the debate still is, what number do you think of Kobe? To me it's 24 because that was post-Shaq. I know he became Kobe wearing 8, but the post-Shaq move is really what seals it for me. He was the best player on the Lakers teams when he wore 24. Shaq was the best player when he wore 8. 

Either way, it's a real nice touch for 2k.