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Wake Up With Kawhi Leonard's Insane 2019 Playoff Run

Can you feel it? We're only 28 days away from basketball returning and only 46 days from the start of the playoffs. One thing I really want to see is if someone is going to go on the type of run that Kawhi had last season. That was an all time run to the title where we saw Kawhi put up 30.5/9.1/3.9/1.7 on 49/37% with 2.7 3PM a night. How rare was that? Well in NBA history averages like that have only happened 17 times and only 3 active players have ever done it. Of those in history that played at least 20 games in the postseason that number trims to 5 times and only 4 players. Kawhi's 24 games played in the 2019 playoffs are the most of anyone who put up that type of line.

Normally these type of performances are saved for LeBron, he's on this list a bunch. But the 2019 run from Kawhi is what cemented him as a top 3 or 4 player in the entire league. He is the Destroyer Of Dynasties. Someone is going to have a run like this in Orlando that we won't see coming and I can't wait to see who it is. I'm not sure it will pass Kawhi's run though. When you consider who he had to go through and what it meant for the city of Toronto, that was an all timer.