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UT Sig Nu Pledge 1991 Police Transcript: Jon Hamm Set Me On Fire Because I Forgot His Frat Nickname Was MC Hammer

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Daily Mail – In a 1991 interview transcript obtained by Daily Mail Online, Sanders tells investigators with the Travis County’s Attorney’s Office how he suffered ‘repeated beatings and assaults’ at the hands of Sigma Nu ‘actives’.

He also alleged that he and his fellow pledges were subjected to ‘repeated confinements’ in a series of tiny compartments carved into the frat building’s foundations – including ‘the pit’, ‘the hole’ and ‘the grave’.

Sanders told officials the worst of the hazing happened in the early hours of November 10, 1990 when he was summoned to the house and warned by Hamm: ‘It’s going to be a long night.’

The junior was then allegedly subjected to two hours of brutal physical attacks as part of his fiery baptism into the fraternity.

He listed Hamm as one of his chief tormentors, recalling how the future star ordered him to recite a six-page list of phrases pledges are told to memorize called the ‘bulls*** list’.

When he forgot the last of Hamm’s nicknames, which included MC Hammer and Young Bobby, he recalled how Hamm got “mad, I mean really mad’.

Hamm and his frat cohorts’ retribution was to spank Sanders repeatedly with a paddle.

‘I’m hurting bad, I mean being hit right where the kidney is, it’s killing me,’ Sanders told his interviewers.

Hamm and another fraternity member then lifted Sanders up by his underwear, pulling it back and forth in a sawing motion.
‘I don’t know how far underwear stretches, I don’t know how far I was off the ground,’ he recalled.

‘I was hurting really bad and I remember I was looking up at the ceiling and I was gritting my teeth and squinting my eyes … it was sawing and it was hurting.’

Sanders told investigators how Hamm then led him to ‘the pit’ where he ordered him to do press-ups and pushed his face into the ground.

The distraught pledge felt someone, possibly Hamm, standing on his back.

Hamm is then supposed to have set fire to Sanders’ pants and refused to let him pat the flames down, instead making him blow them out.

Finally he was led upstairs to the ‘party room’ when Hamm hooked the claw of a hammer underneath his testicles and pulled him around the room ‘for at least a minute’.

Original blog – UT Frat Bro Says Jon Hamm Literally Set Him On Fire When He Was Pledging Sig Nu

Reminds me of one of my favorite Don Draper quotes. “What is happiness? It’s a moment before you need more happiness. And a moment before I wedgie you so hard your asshole rips apart then set your pants on fire and drag you around the room by your dick with a claw hammer.” (Quote slightly amended by me). I mean Christ, Hamm, it’s just a frat dude. Doesn’t give you an excuse to be the most sadistic motherfucker ever and start busting kidneys open.

Notice to Jon Hamm’s friends, I don’t know what he goes by now with you guys, but don’t EVER forget his nickname.