The Rear Admiral Mixtape, Plus All The Music You'll Ever Need For This Holiday Weekend

It's America's Birthday. And last I checked this was still the greatest place to live on this planet. Shit's been tough the past 6 months. Real tough. 

So enjoy this weekend with your loved ones. Responsibly

Rack em and crack em, pour them deep, don't burn the sausages, or undercook the chicken. 

As for the music, this blog should keep you fully stocked for the weekend. 

A little something for everybody. 

Except for the Tik Tok'ers. 


For starters, we have the debut of everybody's favorite hockey guy, Rear Admiral's mixtape. 

He curated it, I simply mixed it together. You can stream it -

On spotify- 

On soundcloud- 

Or on apple music - 

Depending on how this goes over, I'm thinking of making this a regular thing for the bloggers and personalities around here since so many of them have great taste in music I respect. 

Also put together a DEEEEEEEEP Spotify playlist of about 38 hours of backyard, cook-out, and summer time jams. 

This should cover you for the whole weekend. 

If guarantee if you have to push the skip button more than twice I'll give you your money back.

(It's free)

I'll be posting a playlist like this every Friday for the weekend going forward until I'm told not to.

It'll be music you like, music you know, music you don't know, music you don't like, and probably some repeat songs here and there. But let me know what you think. 


If that doesn't tickle your fancy then I present to you my Yacht Rock mix. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

Soft rock bangers.

And a new mix from me and my guy Bobby Lite for the 4th -


Have a great holiday weekend everybody. You've earned it.

(s/o to the magee boys for their help)