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Knox County Tennessee Voted 7-1 In Favor Of Making Masks Required Inside Of Certain Buildings With The Lone "No" Vote Coming From...Mayor Glenn Jacobs AKA Kane

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Lots of talk about masks these days. Lots of screaming about masks, tweeting about masks, and general chit chat about masks. How you feel about wearing masks has become a reflection of your character, which fits right in with all the craziness that is 2020. I personally think if doctors with much bigger brains than I and countless years in the medical field say I should wear a mask, I'm gonna wear a mask for my well-being, the well-being of others, and the well-being all the sports leagues that aren't going to come back any time soon if covid continues to spread around this country like mustard.

I don't care if you are Pro Mask, Anti Mask, or the Coronavirus itself. I can't fault a man for voting nay against requiring masks after spending God knows how many nights sweating his dick off under what appeared to be the most uncomfortable leather mask on the planet while battling against a monstrous motherfucker like The Undertaker every single night for a decade straight. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. But I'm saying I understand, just like how Anakin saw the Jedi were evil after years of dealing with their bullshit. You can mask shame Karen or Chad or whatever stupid names for stupider people you want. But until you've wrestled a night in that mask or had to lean on a mask as a crutch because your brother left you burning with your parents, leave Kane alone.

As for the people that say Mayor Glenn Jacobs is different than Kane, I present his video after he won the mayoral race.

Now if Mayor Jacobs has any sense of business, he will cut a deal with Vince McMahon for Kane Coronavirus masks that will be on sale in every store in Knox County come Monday morning.

UPDATE: I should've known never to underestimate the capitalistic brain of Vincent Kennedy McMahon

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