2020 NFL Preseason Reportedly Cut In Half

It appears the 2020 NFL preseason will be cut two two weeks down from four, according to Pro Football Talk.

I feel conflicted about this, because I don't know if it's necessarily bad news or not. Obviously if this is some sort of indicator that the NFL regular season is in any sort of peril, then it's decidedly not good. But this reads to me like a decision to just scrap a couple extra opportunities for players to be at risk for COVID that the NFL knows are unnecessary anyway.

Literally everybody on the planet except special teams coaches hates preseason games. The starters trot out there for a series to show the rookies and guys who won't make the roster that they supposedly aren't above the rest of the guys and then take off their pads before the second quarter and let the little guys duke it out in games which don't count and have no bearing on anything. Special teams coaches are the only people who like them because they can throw all the undrafted rookies out there on kickoff and have them go full-speed 40 yards downfield at the other team to see "who really wants to be here."


But eliminating a road trip for every team seems like a good idea, given the current circumstances — hell, go aherad and make the preseason two games forever while we're at it.

Hopefully that's all it is and there are no more cuts to football games coming in the near future.