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You Get One Shot: Which One Are You Taking?

Alright so this has been going viral on Twitter for the past couple days, and I'm so torn on it that I can't help but chime in on the blog and see you guys think. Like, usually when these types of things go around, your answer is pretty easy to come up with. Whether we get a $15 allowance to make the best NBA dream team or even the best 1990s packed lunch, I'm generally able to make a decision in a couple minutes and live with the results. But this one has me in an Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar extra large soft PRETZEL. LeBron James 2010 style, I made my decision and slept on it. And I woke up and completely changed my mind.

What would you do???

The play it safe, stay inside, wear a mask guy in me says that you take your butt right to the block, kiss a nice $50,000 layup right off the glass, and head straight to Applebees for half off apps and $1 long islands. I mean, $50K to me is a life changing amount of money. And there's something to be said for guaranteeing $50K instead of risking not getting any. We're not talking about $500 or even $1000 here. The "live a little" crowd is going to fall on deaf ears. "Live a little" doesn't apply to 50 grand.

BUT then again, when would you ever have a chance at a million dollars that is as simple as a corner 3??? 

Trust me, I've thought about the point for hours on end. But personally, I don't shoot the corner three. I think it's the hardest option on the board by far. The difference between a corner three and a straight line top of the three key is very distinct. I mean, palms sweaty, legs shaking, for a milly? There's a good chance I hit the side of the backboard from the corner. But up top? You can get a little bit more of a roll from up there. You could even push it too far because you're nervous and get the 9 am - 5 pm bank being open. 

If I'm ranking threes, I go top of key, wing, then corner. Final answer. So how in the world does this pop up when looking up NBA 3 point percentage??

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 9.28.32 AM.png

I don't care if the corner is closer, it's a harder shot. The corner is out for me. And if I'm looking at my numbers, I think wing is out too. 

Here's what I project myself from the field (unguarded):

Layups: 99%

Free Throws: 85%

Top of Key 3: 45%

Wing 3: 30%

Corner 3: 25%

^^Anyone that disagrees with those percentages is welcome to put their money with their mouth is. Ohio High School 28.5 ounce regulated basketball on an indoor court. Which brings me to my next point: what kind of rim are we talking here? I see the picture is outside....if that's a double rim then you can crumble this blog up and put it in the trash: we're only shooting layups. If the hoop is forgiving and we have no wind out there can lock me in for my official answer: FREE THROW for $100K.