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The New York Yankees Need To Call Up Rookie The Bat Dog To The Big Leagues Right This Instant

Yesterday the minor league baseball season was cancelled officially. Although it was expected, this was still a sad announcement to see. With that news came this tweet from the Yankees Trenton Thunder bat dog, Rookie. It crippled me. 

Rookie is an icon among the Yankees organization. Before Rookie there was Derby and before Derby there was Chase. All three are legends. The news of Rookie being out of a job broke me in half, but it also dawned on me a no brainer decision. The New York Yankees need to call up Rookie immediately and have him be the Major League bat dog at the stadium. It's a no brainer since we're trying to avoid humans touching things. Just have Rookie take of it all. Okay no fans in the stands, but at least we'd get to see Rookie on the TV doing his thing. I'll take it. I need this to happen. Look at this good boy. We can't have him be sad without Trenton Thunder Baseball. Make the call Cashman. 

Call him up!!!

E:60 did a feature on the three dogs and it's a goddamn tear jerker. Make sure you're prepared before watching this. It's one of the saddest things I've ever watched.