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Cam Newton and Mohamed Sanu Have Been Working Out Together

If you've been paying even a little attention to this Patriots offseason, you no doubt have seen some of Mohamed Sanu's insane,  training videos. They look less like he's a guy recovering from surgery on his ankle before an NFL season than they do a man getting ready to fight a Soviet superman who killed his best friend in the ring in Vegas:

And now we find out Sanu has been joined by co-workout warrior and his newest teammate, Cam Newton. And it's not the first time. 

And so it begins. Two brand new teammates. Two former championship runners up who had bad experiences in the Super Bowl paying the price to get back there with their new team. Two guys coming off disappointing seasons with everything to prove. Developing that chemistry that's so hard to define but is an essential part of winning. And which can only be developed through sweat equity, time, effort and repetition. Soon to hopefully be joined by other teammates who are being told they're not good enough to win without their old quarterback. Julian Edelman. N'Keal Harry. James White. Guys who've seen the video of their former teammates working out in Florida and want - make that need - to show the world it's not about any one or two guys. It's about outworking everyone else. And it all starts with leaders who set the tone and get the rest to follow. 

God help me, I needed this. I look forward to the inevitable criticism that they shouldn't be conducting workouts during quarantine because the NFLPA says so. That's when I'll know this franchise is still on the path to future glory.