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English Bars Got Permission To Show Soccer, But They Can't Have The Sound On And Fans Aren't Allowed To Chant

[Source] - Last week the Government issued new guidance for pubs and restaurants to stop the spread of coronavirus in venues when they return from July 4 - dubbed 'Super Saturday'. 

A Government insider said: "Pubs and bars can show live sport but shouting and/or chanting is not permitted for the same reason that live music isn't.

"Equally it must be played at a volume which enables normal conversation to take place."

I'm sorry, you think you're going to keep English soccer fans who are drinking from chanting? Does England know English soccer fans? What the fuck do you think is going to happen? They are going to get drunk, they are going to watch soccer and with a race for the Champions League firmly in place, they are going to chant and yell and scream. It's what they do. 

I need to know more 'what is a normal volume' for sound. That varies for each person. Me? I'm an even number person. If that TV is on 13 or 11 I'll lose my shit. That needs to be on an even number, so I can hear what's going on but I'm not screaming to my idiot friends next to me. Some others? Well they don't want sound or they need it louder than anything in the world. If I know the Brits like I think I do, this is going to lead to a fight. 

Imagine being able to go to a bar but not able to cheer for your team. That sounds fucking miserable. Just pick up a few cases of beers and some Nooners and watch it at your house in that scenario. Again, you have a bunch of teams fighting to finish in the top-4 (5 this year) for Champions League. Games matter even if Liverpool locked up the Premier League title. 

Good luck keeping these guys from chanting

Or preventing people at the Toronto Tavern (Triple T) from celebrating like this