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Adam Silver Thinks The NBA Needs To Use A Tape Delay In Orlando To Censor Players Swearing ... Fuck That

Oh come on. When are we going to stop giving a shit about swear words? All I wanted with this restart and no fans is to have more access to hear what's said on the court and in the huddles. There are literally a million TV channels now, put the uncensored on one for all of us and put the censored on another for people worried about kids and shit. This could have been an awesome TV experience.

 I've said it from the get go, you just need a little bit of pumped in crowd noise and then just let me listen to the players and coaches. I'd love to hear what's said on the court, not even just from a shit-talking experience but to hear how they communicate defensively, how they rotate and all that nerdy stuff I love. I do think the pumped in crowd noise works too - it's for sure worked during Bundesliga and Premier League matches. I don't need it at full blast or anything, but give me a little bit of sound. 

But you know how this becomes even better? We get to listen to Patrick Beverley lose his shit on the court. I would actually pay money to listen to him defend Russell Westbrook. I would pay money to listen to him vs the Lakers. At this point just let me get him with a microphone and everyone else can be censored. He's gotta be the clear top pick for who you'd want to listen to during a game. 

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