16 Year Old Florida Kid Woke Up Just Like You and I, Except He Decided To Rob 5 Places in 90 Minutes

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Florida - A 16-year-old boy is behind bars, facing six felony burglary charges. Orange County Sheriffs Detective Mike Young says deputies busted the the boy red-handed, 90 minutes into an early morning crime spree off of West Fairbanks on Monday. Deputies say the boy started in a series of stores in a plaza around 5:30 in the morning. There alone, investigators say the boy is charged with breaking into a florist, an instrument repair shop and Joe’s Barber Shop. Investigators say from there, the boy continued down Fairbanks where he burglarized a dental office. Deputies arrested the teenager at the Outreach Church. Detectives say the teen had already gotten inside, grabbed an acoustic guitar which they found right outside the door. The Orange County Sheriffs Office is waiting on results from a drug test to see if the boy was high on the medications which they believe he stole from the dentist’s office.

Early bird gets the worm, and this motivated young man was up n at em at 5:30 am to bust off a string of robberies. I can’t even remember the last time I saw the early version of 5:30 and this guy was hitting up the cash register of the local florist before his morning dump. No time for a pop-tart or anything, have to rob Joe’s barber shop to get the morning crime spree started right and let the town know the king is back. That means we are dealing with a true professional here, a legend of the game. A guy who kicks everyone else to the curb like they are a 4 you picked up at Spider’s the night before. So the first thing I thought of was this has to be Latarian Milton’s handiwork. Guy was such a go-getter at such a young age, no doubt he is still in the hood rat business. Hitting up dentist offices and stealing guitars from churches, who else could it be? This screams Laterian Milton from sea to shining sea.