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This Teen Who Agreed To Be Lit On Fire Is Hereby Declared Lord Of The Idiots

Sydney – A teenager who agreed to be set on fire at a weekend party on Sydney’s northern beaches while his friends filmed the stunt remains in hospital recovering from burns to his body, police say. Detectives are yet to interview Johno Holten, 18, who is being treated at Royal North Shore Hospital for what police have described as excessive burns to his back. The teen is in hospital suffering burns to his back. However, on Sunday detectives arrested one of Mr Holten’s friends who allegedly lit the fire. He was questioned over the incident at Dee Why police station on Sunday. Footage taken on a mobile phone at the party shows one of Mr Holten’s friends spraying the teenager’s leg with a deodorant can, before using a lighter to ignite the hairs on his legs.

Well, that’s it people. Humanity has had a good run but in the end, Darwin has lost. Actually, anyone who wants to do The Fire Challenge should go ahead and give it a try. If this Didgeridoo wants to give his tits the Harvey Dent treatment, more power to him. This overpopulated world could use a Leftovers situation where 2% of people just leave. Whoever wants to volunteer to thin out the herd via Fire Challenge before the next plague or World War, be my guest.

What’s the proper amount of time for his friends to stop laughing and actually care their buddy is doing his best Joan Of Arc? Because those 3.5 seconds before anyone actually showed concern seemed to be at least 3 seconds too long. That dude was ENGULFED.

Regardless, move over Costanza and the annoying piece of tats. There’s a new Lord of these lands.