BREAKING: Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Officially Coming Back For Another Season

As long as Larry David keeps coming back for Curb seasons, I'll keep writing the blogs about being excited it is coming back just because he is the one person on the planet I could see happily disappearing off the face of the Earth despite all his success so he no longer has to be bothered to be in the company of people. Just like those blogs, we know exactly what we are getting from Curb at this point, with Larry getting into some shit, looking like he may actually emerge victorious before getting the hammer dropped on him as the horns, piano, and credits roll things out.

Nonetheless, it's still nice to know that Curb is going nowhere until Larry gets cancelled, which ironically will probably never happen to him no matter how much he tries, thus ensuring he is forced to continue filming Curb until his dying day followed by that familiar tune and font as he's lowered into the ground.

P.S. No offense to Jon Snow, but I have never needed a dead HBO character to come back to life after a season finale death more than Latte Larry's.