Today Ends Deron Williams' 5-Year, $27 Million Payday to Not Play for the Brooklyn Nets

Man, what a tough day this has to be for Deron Williams. He's been collecting $15,000 PER DAY for the last five years to not be employed by the Brooklyn Nets and now it's all over.

Even if you're responsible with that money and saved and invested and all that, it has to be a pretty big kick in the dick to no longer get that $200,000 check every two weeks. That has to be the sweetest gig in the world, right alongside getting TV syndication checks forever.

I guess someone with the pride of a professional athlete might feel some sort of shame for having the public know you're getting the bag because a team so desperately wanted you to never play for them again, but whatever. I'd cry all the way to the bank with my $25 million in tow.

I have said before that I will be throwing a huge party — assuming we're allowed to have those again — on February 28, 2021, when Butch Jones receives his final buyout check from the University of Tennessee — location to be determined. I don't know if Nets fans have that same kind of joy for getting Williams off the books, but every time I see one of these stories, I think of how happy I will be when Butch Jones is no longer receiving money from Tennessee taxpayers.

And speaking of certified bag-getters, tomorrow is also Bobby Bonilla Day. Keep cashing those checks, king.