Byron Scott And The Hornets Taking Chris Paul To A New Orleans TGI Friday's For Dinner During His Pre-Draft Visit Is An Outrageous Move

I'm sorry but if you go to New Orleans and you get taken to TGI Friday's, you should demand a trade that moment. Shit, he should have refused to play a game for the New Orleans Hornets. His gut was right. Paul didn't even want to work out for the Hornets, he didn't like the idea of it, he thought they were a wreck. But like his agent said, they were picking him no matter what, so you might as well go there. Shit, it's New Orleans, it's impossible to have a bad time there! Unless you go to TGI Friday's. 

I think so differently of Byron Scott now. It's a miracle he got hired as a head coach after this. How do you take a guy in a top-5 draft to TGI Friday's! Imagine what they did during free agent meetings. Maybe classed it up and went to Outback for a nice steak? It's not even like Scott was old or anything. He was just 44 years old during this trip. It's not even like TGI Friday's is bad, just how do you take a guy to a chain restaurant like that in New Orleans. It's NEW ORLEANS! I can't stress that enough. 

I need to know more about how Chris Paul felt sitting there at dinner and after. He says he didn't stay overnight for the first time ever on a visit. But you gotta be sitting there wondering what the hell you're getting into knowing that they are drafting you no matter what. I don't blame him getting traded one bit after this. 

Obligatory video, because it feels so much like this: