Apparently Ava Addams Is Just The 371st Best Pornstar Of All Time?

I mean are monkeys flying out of my ass? Did I miss something? Did I wake up dead and purgatory is this new reality where the history books have erased Ava Addams? I need some answers folks because we're talking a legendary milf with an insatiable appetite for good hard cock that spans decades. No disrespect to a lot of my internet girlfriends that made this list, I just think it's odd we managed to leave Ava Addams off. 

From a research only standpoint, she's been top-20 on every list since the internet started making lists about pornstars. Right now she's 12 on the gold standard of pornhub. And objectively speaking her body of work extends deep into just about every major category. So we're not talking a one trick pony here unlike Sara Jay at #9 playing the gullible MILF since I was a freshman in high school. We're talking an accomplished entertainer that deserves more recognition. So leave it to me to bear this cross. What a fucking responsibility. 

I see you Ava. You're no 371. 


PS - I know this is a horny blog so before you guys try to cancel my boner, remember I put my MILF flag down a long time ago. This is basically home field for me.