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English Couple Boning At The Park In Broad Daylight Has Lots Of Confidence





Fuck these people. Are you kidding me?  Go back to your shanties.  Nobody wants to see you flaunt your sexual prowess at the park. “Ohhhhh look at me.  I have enough confidence in the bedroom that I’m gonna shove it in everybody’s faces.”  Assholes.  Have sex the way you’re supposed to.  In a bedroom with all the lights off and blinds closed so the girl can’t make fun of how weird you look naked.  That’s the only way it should be done.  Other than that?  Don’t do it.  Anybody who does it any other way is an asshole.  Some nerve these people have doing it in broad daylight at the park.  And I think I heard them say they’ve been out there for awhile.  Round 2 or some shit.  Monsters.  We’re living in a society.


PS- Everything is funnier when said by a person with an English accent.  Everything.  When that guy says, “We should start clapping!” I laughed out loud.  It’s not a particularly funny thing to say but I laughed.  I’m a big Ricky Gervais fan but I’m pretty sure a large part of why I like him is because he has an English accent.  He’d still be funny without it but with it?  Funny as fuck.