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Correct Take: We're Long Overdue For Heelys To Make A Comeback

Earlier today I wrote an incredibly accurate and incredibly important blog about how underrated the 2007 film Hot Rod is. And whilst revisiting some key scenes for said blog, this scene with Kevin ripping around the driveway in a pair of Heelys reminded me of something. It reminded me that Heelys need to make a comeback and it needs to happen pretty fuckin' quick. 

It's the natural cycle of life. Just look at some other examples. Razor scooters came into the world around the year 2000. They had a few years of absolutely dominating the streets, then they went away for a while, and just when you thought that scooters were extinct they came back with a vengeance. Now scooters are everywhere again. Same thing goes for Crocs. If you weren't Croc'in, you weren't rockin'. That was the motto for years. But then Crocs sort of fizzled out for a few years only to make their triumphant return recently. Hot in the streets, burn out, an ember flares up and the fire is born again. It's the natural cycle of life. 

My fear is that I haven't really seen much of an ember ready to flare up again. What if the fire is out permanently? What if all the oxygen has been completely removed from the Heelys fire and they're gone from the streets forever? I simply do not wish to live in a world which would allow that to happen. 

Gandhi said you must be the change you wish to see in the world. Gandhi was pretty rad. I don't know if he was rad enough to rock a pair of Heelys, but nevertheless. The change I wish to see if for Heelys to make the comeback they deserve. The comeback that they've earned. Have you ever stopped to think about how much the world has started to suck since the last time you've seen someone buzzing around the streets in a pair of Heelys? It's no coincidence. 

So that's what I'm here for today. Just to put it out into the universe that Heelys are going to be back and they're going to be back soon. You can either get with it or you can get lost.