Wake Up With 10 Comedians on PC Culture

This just feels particularly timely and relevant right now. There are just so many spot-on points being made in these 15 minutes.  From the late, great George Carlin saying Political Correctness is so pernicious because it’s intolerance disguised at tolerance. The also late & great Patrice O’Neal (Humblebrag: I once did a road gig with him where we drove from Boston to Maine together. He was fairly new but his reputation proceeded him and everyone knew his career was going to skyrocket. The fact I was able to follow his set without him completely burying me is one of my proudest professional moments) demanding the right to say whatever he wants in order to make people laugh and asking what all the canceling accomplishes. And my favorite point: John Cleese discussing a psychiatrist who says the first sign one of the patients in his group is getting better, is when they gain the ability to laugh at their own behavior. That’s one of the keenest observations I’ve heard about comedy since people started trying to outlaw it about 10 years ago. We need to laugh more, and cancel less.