Francesa Gets Every Single NBA Western Conference Playoff Match Up Wrong

Stellar performance from Mike breaking down the Western Conference match ups yesterday. Quite literally got every single game wrong. 1 through 8, all incorrect. All the way down to Oak City and San Antone. Classic Tank Mush. Makes the KFC Mush look like a walk in the park. The KFC Mush is a pea shootah compared to the fucking nuclear bomb that is the Tank Mush.

And this is what makes Francesa so incredible and makes all his haters want to put a bullet in their brain. Listeners dont care if Mike’s NBA predictions or analysis is wrong. Nobody cayehs. Nobody wants to listen to him correctly breakdown the Trailblazers vs the Grizzlies. He’s there for entertainment. Francesa is all about his arrogance. His cocky swagger. His banter with mongos. His unintentional comedy. I dont care if Mike gets his NBA playoff matchups wrong every single time. Only adds to his allure. Such a fucking boss and so dominant at his job that he doesnt even need to know whats going on in the sports world to be a sports talk host. Plus lets be honest, when you’re on the air 6 hours a day the majority of the year, you’re gonna get a lot of predictions wrong. Nobody remembers when you’re right. People only remember the times you were wrong and/or the times you fell asleep in the middle of your own broadcast.

Bottom line is, the shirt says Resumes, Longevity, Ratings, Paychecks, Mink Man. Nowhere in there do I see “NBA Western Conference Playoff Previews.”

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