Emoni Bates, The Future No. 1 Pick And A Guy Who Made High School Hoops History, Just Committed To Michigan State (For Now)

And just like that Emoni Bates is going to Michigan State for now. He's someone who is going to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft whenever he declares and that's the biggest question right now. The question is when does the NBA change the Draft entry rules. The scenario that has been played out over and over again is the NBA Draft will let high school players go directly to the NBA when he's done his senior year. If that's the case he's gone. He's that damn good. He made high school hoops history this past season: 

The key to remember is he's the class of 2022. Like there's still so much time to see what happens in terms of the NBA Draft change and he still could go to the G League. We've seen guys do that already for this class, like Isiah Todd who was committed to Michigan, and Bates could go that route still. Although he does have this quote: 

But for the time being this is huge for Michigan State. Like I said, Bates is so damn good: 

Either way this is just massive, massive news in high school/college hoops.