Darius Rucker Is One Of The Most Underrated Artists In The Last 30 Years

So we did our Snake Draft again this week for Dogwalk. The subject: 90s Music. I had a chance to run away with it and I fucked up. I wanted Garth Brooks, but that snake who hates country music, WSD, took him so I couldn't. I had my mind set on country because I am a country guy at heart and got tunnel vision. Took George Strait over Hootie. Extreme Calhoun voice...HE'S NOT BAD. Hootie is better though and if I thought for a split second I could've had my country guy with Darius Rucker. I, like everyone else in the draft, fucked up by not drafting Hootie. And that is a crime because Darius Rucker is supremely underrated when talking about music in the last 30 years. 

WSD's rationale for taking Garth Brooks even though he hates country is that "Friends In Low Places" is an all-time great sing-along song. I think Friends In Low Places has been surpassed by "Wagon Wheel" as the #1 undisputed white people getting in a circle and singing terribly at a wedding song at about last call. That is not me hating. I love getting drunk and singing in circles or at bars and Wagon Wheel has a 100% success rate of getting drunk people excited and willing to participate. Even if you don't know the words you still know when to shout "JOHN-SON CITY, TENNESSEE". Great jam. 

Who out there since the mid-90s has been able to shift gears, completely rebrand themselves, and have two independent MONSTER careers? I feel like you could argue it's Darius Rucker, Timberlake, and Dave Grohl who was with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, but he wasn't the front man for both. That's it though. That is the list. You wanna talk about a stacked lineup of songs that put you in a good mood with a tune in your heart, all you need is Rucker.