Double Trouble Drunk Couple Doesn't Let Two Wrecks Kill Their Buzz

Last Saturday, Frederick Turner, 38, of Coweta County, Georgia, was cruisin' and boozin' on the country backroads when he flipped his vehicle in broad daylight.  Turner was either coming from or going to a local get-together, where social distancing was obviously going to be practiced by all, when the 15-20 Michelob Ultras he had just put back took control of the wheel, forcing Turner into a ditch.  After flipping his truck and escaping scratch-free, Turner phoned his 22-year-old girlfriend Jesse Walker, to come to pick him up and bring him to the party.  

Walker, presumably leaving the same trailer park pregame Turner had come from, drove to pick up her boyfriend from his flipped truck.  Once a successful rescue was made (Turner and his cooler of beer), the two traveled down the same road for just a few hundred feet before Walker FLIPPED her truck in a ditch too.  The drunk couple, now out of a way to get to the party, most likely were forced to turn the crime scene into their very own booze fest.  

Police arrived to find the two wasted, limp as two wet noodles, smelling of beer, and bottles and cans littered all over the dirt road.  Walker and Turner were both arrested for DUI and Turner received an additional charge for assaulting an officer, which may be the most predictable part of this whole story.  An effort to obtain a comment from the parties involved was unsuccessful, but one local man, Kyle L, had this to say: 


It looks like it'll take more than two wrecks and what definitely isn't either of their first DUIs to stop these two from partying...

The Bodycam footage of Turner stumbling around is hilarious and can be found in the link below:

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